Understanding WAPDA Electricity Bill

Let us explore and understand WAPDA electricity bill.  So you may know the fact that how your bill is calculate. What different types of tax’s are there in your bill. Where is located the payment history or usage history. What are the terms FPA, CR, bill relief etc. in WAPDA electricity bill.

Just read this artical complete. So you will be able to understanding your electricity bill. So All terms and there detailed is as under.

Credit Bill (CR):

If you have paid your bill in advance (as electricity provides the facility to pay a specific amount in advance) . CR is the balance amount which will be show in your bill.  If your payment in advance is more than the actual bill amount.

This amount will be deduct from your next bill. For example you have CR = -1000. Then your next bill amount becomes 5000, then the 1000 will deduct from 5000, and you have to pay 4000.Hope you what is CR or understand electricity bill what is CR.

Deferred Bill:

In some situations (like in the pandemic of Corona) you may see the deferred bill on your wapda electricity bill . It means that you have opton pay your full bill or you may postpone your bill.

The officer will divide your bill  into installments. So this will be added to your next bills and also there will be no late payment charges added in the bill.

PM or CM Relief:

You may find PM and CM relief in your electricity bill if the Govt has given any relief to the electricity company. This kind of relief is a facility to either pay wapda bills or not. It is for domestic consumers who use less than 300 units.

If such customers will not pay electricity bill of a specific month. Then the bill will be divided into installments and added to next bills without any late payment fine. Sometimes this relief includes some subsidy for commercial consumers also .

NEPRA Tariff:

 Nepra is responsible for regulating the generation and distribution of electricity power in Pakistan.  fixes a general tariff of electricity or wapda. National Electric Power Regulatory Authority was created in 1997.

Parliament of pakistan passed NEPRA Act, 1997. Currently for single phase domestic NEPRA Tariff is RS.15.200/- electricity per unit price 2021 is upto 200 units consumed and RS. 16.940/- per unit upto 200 to 300 units consumed.(updated in August 2021).

GOP Subsidy and GOP Tariff :

The Government of Punjab grants subsidies to domestic, commercial and agricultural customers. Up to a specific percentage on the basis of electricity units rates consumed. This amount of Subsidy given per unit got minus from Nepra Tarif.

Remaining amount is called as GOP Tariff. For single phase domestic connection GOP is giving subsidy of RS.5.140/- electricity per unit price upto is 200 units consumed and RS. 4.790/- per unit upto 200 to 300 units consumed.(updated in August 2021).

Total Amount Payable :

It is the total amount that you have to pay within the due date. It includes all areas/ages + electricity cost + taxes.. You can pay electricity bills online.

Disconnection Notice:

If you have not pay your bill of previous month then you may see a disconnection notice. Displayed at middle right place of bill stated that you have to pay all arrears and current bill. Within the next 7 days of receiving this notice. Otherwise your connection will be discontinued till you clear all your dues.


FPA is known as( Fuel price adjustment). As we know that while production of electricity power, fuel is also consumed. If we are using electricity produced by thermal power plants. Or even in hydropower production fuel is consumed.

So we have to pay the energy bill we consumed as will as we also have to pay electricity bill online. Some amount as as a cost at which company is producing the electricity).

So the (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) NEPRA adjusts any increase or decrease of fuel price.  In customers’ monthly bills and all electricity consumers bill have to pay electricity online bill. For this fuel price adjustment as well as their bill of electricity consumed.

Taxes in Electricity Bill(Understand Taxes in Wapda Electricity Bill)

Financing Cost:

Power Holding Private Limited applied This amount of tax is to consumed units to ensure collection of debt servicing . FC surcharge is 0.43 per unit.

General Sales Tax:

 GST The type  of  tax which government of Pakistan  imposed   on the sale of goods and services. Because the electricity provides electricity distribution to its consumers who have to pay General Sales. Tax (GST) which is currently 17% in 2021.


If You have not paid your electricity bill of previous month then the previous amount of bill added in current bill. You will also see arrears/age amount if you have converted your bill to installments,

Meter Rent:

All electricity bill include  a small amount of meter rent that is in their bill each month.


Stands for electric duty. Every electricity consumer has to pay ED.  This tax is 1.5 % in total electricity bill.

ED ON FPA:(ED ON FPA Understand wapda electricity bill)

Electric duto on fuel price adjustment is also customers pay electricity bill  as a tax along with fuel price adjustment.


N.J. Surcharge tax (Neelum Jhelum Surcharge) charged from all electricity consumers. Govt has collected  100 billion in 13 years. Now this tax is finish.

PTV Fee:(PTV FEE In Understand wapda electricity bill)

All electricity consumers have also to pay Rs. 35 as  PTV fee. The amount include in  bill each month but you have the option to exempt this tax. If you have no television in your home or if you’re not using broadcasting services provided by ptv.

So For this purpose you have to submit a written application of PTV fee exemption to your respective electricity customer services center.(Tv Fee)

List of electricity supply company in pakistan:

Multan electricity supply company (Mepco)
Peshawar electricity supply company(Pesco)
Faisalabad electricity supply company (Fesco)
Gujranwala electricity supply company (Gepco)
Hyderabad electricity supply company (Hesco)
Sukkur electricity supply company(Sepco)
Islamabad electricity supply company (iesco)
Lahore electricity supply company(Lesco)
Quetta electricity supply company(Qesco)
Tribal electricity supply company(Tesco)
Karachi electricity supply company (K-Electric)

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