Top 10 Electricity Distribution Companies In Pakistan

Here is a list of top 10 electricity supply companies in pakistan. So In this article you will find all info about these companies. And thier head offices address, serving area and phone Number. So just stay with us and read this full article.

So If you are serching for top 10 electricity supply companies in pakistan and want to get detaild info. The list of electricity supply compnaies are here so you can easily note it.

Top 10 Electricity Distribution Companies in Pakistan.

  • Lesco
  • Fesco
  • Mepco
  • Hesco
  • Pesco
  • K Electric
  • Gepco
  • Qesco
  • iesco
  • Tesco
  • Sepco

Lahore Electricity Supply Company :

Lesco company supplies electric to Lahore, sheikhupura, okra, Nankana and its nearby cities. Lesco has a lot of users in 5 districts. So If you want to get all the info regarding the Lesco company.

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Lesco head office is location at :
LESCO Hqr, 22 A Queens Road Lahore

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Phone No : 042-99205248.
Email address : [email protected]

Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company :

Fesco supplies electricity to Faisal abad and its nearby areas. It has 4.56M users in the total population of faisalabad 26M. So It is known as the  number 2 largest electricity supply company in pakistan.

FESCO head office is located at :
West Canal Road, Abdullah Pur, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
Telephone No : :+92- 41- 9220184

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Multan Electricity Supply Company :

Mepco is known as the Multan electric supply company. It is the third biggest electricity supply company in pakistan. It has millions of users in Multan and its nearby district. This company supplies electricity to 13 districts.

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Mepco company head office at :

Mepco Complex, Khanewal Rd, Mepco Colony, Multan, Punjab
and Phone No is : (061) 9220313

Islamabad Electric Supply Company :

iesco company started his services in 1998. It supplies electricty to  Islam abad and its nearby areas. This company has 3.2 million users. And it serve up to 25 million people in 6 districts.

Islam abad electric supply company head office at :
St,40 Sector G-7/4 Islam abad
and Telephone No is: +92051-9252937

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Hyderabad Electricity Supply Company:

Hesco company started on 23 july 1998. It has 1,167,088 users in hyder abad and nearby districts. This company has 4 circles and 67 sub divisions. So If you want to check Hesco bill online, Hesco bill print etc.

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HESCO HQRs is located at :
WAPDA Complex, Hussain abad Hyder abad Sindh Pakistan.
Contact No : +9222-9260161.

Peshawar Electricity Supply Company :

Pesco is the shortcut of Peshawar electricity supply company. Pesco company has 8 circles (Bannu, Hazara-1, Hazara-2, Khyber, Mardan, Peshawar, Swabi and Swat). This company has 2.6 million consumers and it serve in 8 districts.

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K-Electric :

Karachi electricity supply company has 2.5 million customers. This company is  supplying electricity to Karachi and its nearby cities or villages. So If you want to know more about K-electricity supply company, click here to read in a long article.

The head office of k-electric is located at:
KE House, 39-B, Sunset Boule vard, Phase-II, Defence Housing Authority,
And Phone No is: 92-21-3263 7133

Gujranwala Electricity Supply Company :

GEPCO started his services on 25 april on 1998 it has 30,98,120 consumers. The monthly collectionof this company is approx 8937 million rupees. So Here you can gepco bill online check, gepco bill calculator, gepco bill print etc.

GEPCO head office or service center is located at.
GEPCO HQ, 565-A, Model Town, G.T Road, Gujran wala.
and its Contact No is : +92-55-9200504
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Quetta Electric Supply Company :

Qesco was started giving his service on13 may, 1998. This company full fills the electricity needs of 530520 customers in Quetta and its nearby areas.

The head office of this company is located in quetta.
(qesco main zarghoon road, beside ccpo office, quetta cantt).
this company also have customer service center at.
main liaquat bazaar, first floor fire brigade plaza, quetta.
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Tribal Electricity Supply Company :

Tesco is a small electricity supply company in pakistan. which serve  to tribal areas and its federal adminstrated area of pakistan. You can easily check your qesco bill and pay it online.

Tesco company head office is located at.
WAPDA house Peshawar,Pakistan.
Email address: [email protected].
Phone no. 091-9212006

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Sukkur Electric Supply Company :

Sepco started his services in 2010. So Hesco is divided into two parts and its  one part is sepco. But It is a new company which is known as the smallest electric supply company in pakistan.

Sepco head office at :  Thermal Power Station Old Sukkur.
and its Telephone No is : 071-9310795.

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