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Hi…welcome to the tesco online bill print page. Are you a Consumer of Tribal Areas electricity supply company and bill distributer of this company does not provide your bill timely? Or you receive your bill on the last date of bill payment? You have a complaint about tesco and you want to logged complaint online? Or you want to know the Tesco load shedding schedule? duplicatebills.com is always here to help you and  provide  step by step guideline to solve these issues.    Whey: guide to whey protein for bodybuilding and weight loss cy3 buy testosterone reviews, clenbuterol bodybuilding buy – esports pocket every updates you want to know about e-sports.

tesco bill

Just enter 14 digit reference number here :

Tesco Online Bill – View TESCO Duplicate Bill Online – Online Tesco Bill

Just follow these very simple steps for view, print or save as a pdf of your tesco on line bill.

  • Note Reference Number from the old bill of tesco.
  • Click on the blue button given below.
  • Enter tesco Reference number.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • Click the print button.
  • Select appropriate page size and page orientation. 
  • Take print out or save as a pdf.

Please note if you are using IE (internet Explorer then follow these steps to print tesco bill.

  • From file menu go to page setup and select paper size as A4.
  • Remove header and footer values if there are any values.
  • Select page orientation as Portrait.
  • Click on the  Ok Button.
  • Again open File Menu and choose appropriate Printer
  • Click the print button and press Ctrl + P to print the bill.

click here to print tesco bill download 

 Check tesco bill


duplicatebills.com is not the official website of tesco. We only provide guidance and help to tesco customers to print their electricity bill online and check tesco if someone is facing an issue while checking his tescobil or duplicate bill tesco (tribal  Areas electricity supply company).

How to Print  Tesco Online Bill – Step By Step Guide With Animated Pictures.

This Article is about tesco on line bill print and explains step by step guide to check tescoonline bill so our valued visitors can check tescoonlinebill easily.

Step 1 : Finding the Reference Number on Tesco Bill

Some tesco consumers may feel difficulty while finding the Reference Number on  tesco bill. So for the clarity, a video of TESCO Duplicate Bill Online is displayed below showing the reference Number.

finding reference number

Step 2 :  Enter the Reference Number in Official Tesco Duplicate Bill Page:

After you have find your reference number of tesco you need to visit the official page of tesco duplicate bill  by entering its URL “”  in address bar or you can click the on link given then you will see the following screen.

 go to the official page of tesco bill

Now enter your tesco Reference Number into the input text box   (as shown in upper image) and click on submit button.

tesco online bill

Step 3 : How to Print Tesco Bill – Step by Step Guide

When you click on the submit button after entering the reference number you can see your tesco duplicate bill. If you want to take print of  your bill you need to click on the print button given up side of the bill. Step by step guide is shown below.

Print tesco bill online

Click on the print button and it will take you to the following screen. Select the correct printer from the drop down menu and press the print button as shown here.

Step 4 : Tesco Bill Saving as pdf

If you want to save a pdf copy of your tesco bill  you need to select save as pdf from the printer selection  menu and click on save button. Describing the image is given below.

Selecting pdf or print

About Tesco

Tesco is an Electricity supply company company which is responsible for distribution 0f uninterrupted electric supply to the million of people living in Federally Administered Tribal areas of Pakistan (FATA) which is now merged in to the province of khyber pakhtunkhwa (KPK).

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How to Print Tesco Online Bill 2023

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