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Welcome to the sepco online bill checking page. If you are a citizen of sukker or its surrounding cities and you are using the electricity distribution services provided by sukkur Electric Supply Company then you are on the right website because we are providing you very useful stuff related to SEPCO.

On the sepco bill check online 2023 page (bijli bill sepco), you can find a simple and straightforward method to check your sepco electricity bill online. Also we will guide you step by step to apply for a sepco new connection. Also a complete method to log a sepco complaint online. Moreover we will guide you about sepco bill calculator and sepco bill unit rates 2023. Just Stay on this page.

sepco bill

Just enter 14 digit reference number :

Sepeco Online Bill Service (sepco online bill facility):

Few years before, if the consumers of the sukkur electric power company lost sepco bill due to some reason, there was no alternative option to sepco duplicate bill print online. But now in the modern span of telecommunication, sukkur electric power company have also updated their system of services.

Now Sukker Electricity Supply company has introduced the online services for sepco consumers for their easiness and for better customer service delivery. Sepco has introduced the following online services for free.

  • Duplicate bill Sepco (sepco on line bill)
  • Online sepco complaints
  • New connection apply online
  • Sepco peak hours 
  • Load shedding schedule 
  • Installments guide online
  • Sepco customer service center phone number

Sepco Online Bill Check (get sepco duplicate bill copy) – PITC Sepco e Bill

You get your sepcobill each month at your doorsteps but it is also possible that you may not receive your sepco bill due to any reason. If you are living in rural area of sukker then you may receive your sepco bill late or in last dates. So it becomes difficult for some sepco consumers to arrange money on the spot and pay sepco bill instantly.

First of all you need a sepco reference number to check sepco on line bill. You can find a Sepco reference number from your old bill. It will be located on the top left corner of speco bill.After note your reference number follow these simple steps to get sepco bill online.

  • Click The button given below “Check Now”
  • Find sepco reference number.
  • Enter Your reference number on the official website input box.
  • Click on the print button.
  • Sepco duplicate bill print.
  • Save as pdf or download sepco bill view.
  • Check sepco Bill now.
Sepco Online Bill Check

1. Click The button Given Below

You can easily check your sepco duplicate bill online by clicking the following button Now.

 Check Now

2. Find Sepco Reference Number

The sepco reference number is located in top left corner of sepco bil. Some people may feel difficulty in finding sepco references. So we already solved this problem by giving the picture below.

Sepco bill reference number

3. Enter Reference in Official Website

After finding a sepco reference the next step is to enter the sepco reference number in the official website of sepco. You will enter a reference number in the input box that is provided by the sepco site.Don’t worry if you feel problem in entering reference number we are here we provide you all information see the giving below picture. After this you can easily enter your reference number and online bill check sepco.

Enter sepco reference number

4. Click on Print Button

If you want to save your bill or sepco duplicate bill print then you will click on the print button. See this image it may help you in clicking the print button.

Click on sepco print button

5. Sepco Duplicate Bill Print

If you want to print your sepco wapda bill then follow these steps:
Click on the print button:

print button

Select pages,colour and layout:

Sepco bill print online

Click on save button:

sepco save button

This is the very simple way to print sepco bill online. We hope you may not feel difficulty in printing sepco bill.

6. Sepco Bill Save as PDF

If you want to save/download sepco bill then you are at right website.Just follow these steps if you want to save sepco bill online.
Click on save as pdf button:

sepco bill save as pdf

Select pages and layout:
Click on save button:

sepco save button

This is a smart way to save sepco bill as pdf.

Sepco Complain Online

If you want to complain about sepco company then you are at the right website which provides you all the information.You can easily complain to sepco company online.Click on the following button to register a new complain.Sepco ask you to fill complete form to a successful complain below image show the form.

 Complain Now

Sepco Complain Status

You can check your complaint status whether it is registered or not by the following button that may help you in resolving your complaint problem.

 Check Status Now

New Connection Apply Online

If you want to apply for a sepco new connection.You can easily apply for new connection by clicking the below button.

 Apply Now

After click the button a form will appear you fill complete form to get a new connection of sepco.

Load Shedding Schedule

If you want to check the load management schedule of sepco you can click the button below. Load management schedule is updated each month by sepco.

 Check Now

Not Use Energy But Get a Sepco Bill?

Even if you do not have any energy (not consumed a single unit) then still you have to pay a fixed amount of bill. It is different for resdentaional, agriculture, Industrial you can check your minimum fixed amount of bill (in case you have not used any energy).By visiting the nearest service center of sepco.

Sepco Bill Advance Payment Option

Sukker electricity supply company also provides the facility to pay your sepco bill in advance. You can pay a specific amount in advance and each month your total payable bill will be deducted from the amount. To avail this offer you need to visit your nearby sepco customer services center.

Extension in Due Date of Sepco Bill and Instalment

Sukkur electric supply company provides the facility of extension on the due date and pay bill in instalment. If the Sepco consumer can’t pay the bill due to some reasons. Or he is unable to pay full amount then he may visit customer center to avail this facility..Sepco has assigned the authority to extend the due date to different sepco officers upto different sepco bill amount.

Understanding Sepco Bill:

When you see a Sepco bill you will find the sepco company logo at the first corner of the bill, your name and address on the top left corner. Below this your reference number is written. There is also a meter reading of the current month displayed and the bill is calculated according to the unit consumed in a specific month. In the bill you also find current bill, arrearages, deferred, disconnection notice, E-duty, FC surcharge, GST, Tv fees displayed on bill.To get detailed information about understanding bill click the following button.

Sepco Net Metering:

Net metering is a service that means if someone produced energy at a high level. That is above its use he can sell energy and earn money by net metering. This offer is launched by nepra in 2015.

Sepco provides the facility of net metering to its users. Suppose you are using energy at home,factory and you use a three phase connection. And you produced energy by the solar system and it is more than your use.

Then you can sell this energy and earn money.If you want to apply for net metering and want to earn money.You can click on the below button and read about more net meterning.

 Net meterning

Sepco Customer Service Centers


MINARA ROAD SUKKUR Customer service center:

Phone No: NO.071-9310917

CELL PHONE NUMBER: 0300-8319831



PHONE NO : NO. 074-7410051
CELL PHONE NUMBER : NO. 0300-8319806

Sepco Bill Calculator

If you want to calculate your acspted sepco bill. The you can easily calculate your sepco wapda bill by clicking the following button. Because this image show how it calculate your bill.

Where You Can Pay Your Sepco Bill

You can easily pay your wapda bill sepco in any branch of bank, easypaisa shops, jazz cash shops, easy paisa app, jazz cash app,banks apps, post office etc.You can easily see your bill history whether it’s paid or not in the bill history section.

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