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Have you not received your wapda pesco bill at home or pesco bill distributor delivered the bill on the last date and you feel much difficulty paying the wapda pesco bill? because in current era of inflation some consumers need time to arrange money for bill payment.

Or you have to complain against a PESCO representative then we will guide you how to log pesco online complaint.  If your want a duplicate copy of your pesco bill or you need latest information about pesco? will provides all these services for free  so you just neet to stay with us.

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Step By Step Guide To Print Pesco Bills (pesco duplicate bill online)

 If you need a duplicate pesco bill copy online  and you are facing any difficulty to check pesco bill online we are here to help to so you can easily check your pesco bill and pay pesco electricity bill without losing time.

Just Enter 14 Digit Reference To Check Pesco Bill :

How to Check Pesco Online Bill:

Following steps may help you to find your pesco online new bill.

1:  Note reference number from pesco old bill

2:  Click The button of “check pesco bill”

3:  Enter reference number on offical page

4: Print pesco online bill 

5: Save as pdf or pesco online bill download

6: selecting  pdf or print pesco bills

Guide To Print Pesco Bills
  1. Note Reference Number From Pesco Old Bill.

How to note  reference number from pesco bills.

Pesco bill note reference no

If you feel difficulty to find you pesco electricity bill reference number  you can easily find your pesco reference number by following image that is showing on upper from this.

2. Click The button of “check pesco bill”:

Click here to check your wapda pesco bill.

 Check pesco bill

3. Enter Reference Number on Offical Page

Entering reference number

Enter reference number on the section of (Reference No) of you pesco electricity bill and click on the submit button and then you will be able to get pesco bill. 

Click on submit button:

After inter you reference number of pesco online duplicate billclick on submit button follow this:

This image describe how to click submit button

 Click on submit button that you showing after entering reference number of you Peshawar electricity bill 

4. Print Online Electricity Bill Pesco:

After push submit button you view as image showing you can easily print pesco duplicate bill. You can easily print as microsoft printer & others . It will easily print on page.

Print your pesco wapda bill

5. Save as Pdf or Pesco Bill Check and Download

You can save pesco online bill 2023 as pdf or download online pesco electricity bill

by following this :

Save as pdf or print pesco online bill

This image show you how to pesco bill as pdf click save button to download pesco bill 2023.

6. Selecting Pdf or print Pesco Bills:

You can select that if you want to download or want to print you can both by selecting easily.

Save as pdf pesco bill online wapda

Select pdf or print and  click save .

Pesco Electricity Rates:

UnitsPrice per unit
Up to 50 units3.95
1-100 Units7.74
101-200 Units10.06
201-300 units12.15

Detail of Pesco circles:
1:  Bannu
2:  Hazara-1
3:  Hazara-2
4:  Khyber
5:  Mardan
6:  Peshawar
7:  Swabi
8:  Swat

How to Apply For Pesco Online New Connection (guide):

If you want to apply a new connection then click the following button and it will  redirect to the offical page of enc. (apply new connection) :

 Apply for new connection

After click button you can easily apply for pesco online new connection application

Pesco Online Bill Complaint ( how to log a complaint):

if you want to complain to any one of the distributor and any one of the pesco company  you can complain by mail or by sending messages.

Email :      Email [email protected]

Call at  118 or sms at 8118

In this section you can easily complain to pesco comapany direct.

Where You Can Pay Your Pesco Electricity Bill

1:   All Commercial Banks
2:  All Post Offices
3:  Easy Paisa Shops
5:   ATMs

Banks to Pay Pesco Bills

You can pay your pesco bills in any commercial banks and micro-finance bank of Pakistan.

1: Meezan Bank
2: Allied Bank
3: Habib Bank Ltd
4: National Bank of Pakistan
5: United Bank Limited
6: Bank al Habib
7: Dubai Islamic Bank
8: Standard Chartered Bank

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