What are Electricity Peak Hours(wapda peak hours) and Electricity Peak off hours(wapda peak off hours) in the Electricity bill?.

In different months of year Lesco defines different specific hours. When the demand of electricity is too high and electricity usage goes on its electricity peak hours. Because at night  this demand and supply gap, the per unit price of Lesco got increased to a specific amount. Peak hours are usually between 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM. In the time of electricity peak hours the unit price is very high.

We advised you  to use electricity as low as they can. Especially take care of using electric iron, electric motors, Air conditioners or any other electric equipment. Which consumes more electricity because you will be charged more and your Lesco bill will be increased to a high amount. In the electricity peak times the unite price is same in commercial,home and others.

Electricity peak off hours are those normal hours of a day other than peak hours.

In  off hours  the Per unit price of electricity  as normal price of unit. We recommended  you use your high energy consumers equipment like electric iron, AC, electric Motors during the peak off hours. Peak off hours are usually between 12:00 AM to 05:59 PM.

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