How to Check Electricity Bill Payment History And Bill Payment Status

In the article, I am going to explain the method to check your electricity bill  payment history. Also we will discuss how it will help to take steps for reducing your bill. Moreover i will share a step by step guide to check electricity bill payment status. So you can confirm your bill is successfully paid or not. So stay with us and read the complete article.

Electricity Bill Payment History:

Are you looking for a method to check the history of your electricity bill? Then you are at the right website. You can check your electricity bill history for the past 12 month. so, observing your bill history It will help you to analyze the usages of electricity in different months. What is the benefit of it? Let’s discuss it in depth.

After having a deep look into electricity bill history, you can observe which months you are getting your bill high. For Example if you get a high amount of bill in the month of December, January and February then you might use your electric heater and geyser for more time. So you need to use it less and or use only when it is necessary.

If you are getting more bills in the summer season, it may be because of excessive usage of air conditioners. Similarly you can analyse the bill history of industrial , commercial and agriculture connections. So you can take necessary steps to reduce your bill because analysing the bill history will definitely help to make any decision.

Method 1 Check Payment History From Bill:

So, you can check the one year history of your bill and payment. Which helps you to calculate average usage of electricity in the whole year. In the bills of all electricity distribution companies of Pakistan(ie Lesco, hesco, gepco, qesco, sepco, iesco, etc) bill history is also displayed .
the electricity bill history appears. You can easily check it. See the following image which is the history of electricity bill.

Electricity bill history
Electricity bill history

help you to find your payment history. A lot of people are seeing this problem whether it’s paid or not. You can easily check it from your old electricity bill. Because if we do not pay the bill next month a large amount of tax will be attached with payment.

Electricity bill tax

Method 2: Find Electricity Bill Payment History From Website:

Except the Lesco company no more companies provide this service to check the payment history. If you are a lesco customer you can easily check your payment history. Follow these step to check your payment history.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on the customer bill.
  3. Enter your reference number or customer id
Enter lesco reference number or customer id
  1. Click on the customer menu.
  2. After this click on Account status.
Lesco customer menu
  1. The new page will appear with your payment detailed.
lesco account status

Method 3: Commercial Bank Apps & Mobile Volute Apps :

All commercial bank apps like HBL mobile app , abl value, MCB mobile apps , bank alfalah app etc. When you pay your bill from these mobile apps you can check whether payment is paid or not. After paying your bill again, enter your reference number or customer id.

If you already paid the bill it will show Bill already paid. You can also check it from mobile vault apps like easypaisa, jazzcash, upaisa. First you will pay the bill from mobile vault apps. Then again enter your reference number or customer id you can see it saying already paid.

Method 4: From Customer Service Centers.

You can easily get payment history by customer service centers from the company which provides you electricity. You can call the customer service and ask that your bill is paid or not if you pay from a bill accepting shop. Also you can visit the nearest customer service center and ask for bill payment history.

Check your electricity bill Now.

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