Top 10 Electricity Distribution Companies In Pakistan

Here is a list of top 10 electricity supply companies in pakistan. So In this article you will find all info about these companies. And thier head offices address, serving area and phone Number. So just stay with us and read this full article. So If you are serching for top 10 electricity supply companies … Read more

Understanding WAPDA Electricity Bill

Let us explore and understand WAPDA electricity bill.  So you may know the fact that how your bill is calculate. What different types of tax’s are there in your bill. Where is located the payment history or usage history. What are the terms FPA, CR, bill relief etc. in WAPDA electricity bill. Just read this artical … Read more

What are Electricity Peak Hours(wapda peak hours) and Electricity Peak off hours(wapda peak off hours) in the Electricity bill?.

In different months of year Lesco defines different specific hours. When the demand of electricity is too high and electricity usage goes on its electricity peak hours. Because at night  this demand and supply gap, the per unit price of Lesco got increased to a specific amount. Peak hours are usually between 6:00 PM to … Read more

Lesco Bill Unit Rates 2023(ELECTRICITY TARIFF)

Lesco Bill Unit rates 2023(ELECTRICITY TARIFF) If you are looking for lesco bill unites rates of 2023 or you want to know the updated peak timing and peak off timing of lesco company along with the updated tarrif of peak timing and peak off timing then you can find all these information on this post. Becasue lesco … Read more