Can Capacitor Reduce Our Electricity Bill ? – Power Factor Correction Capacitor

can  Capacitor reduce electricity bill

The most common question I’ve been asked is how can we reduce our electricity bill? Or how can we slow down our electricity meter or tell us about something that slows down our electricity meter and people don’t even know it? So keep an eye on all these things, if you somehow hack the meter or even slow down the meter, it will be an illegal act and a kind of theft.

And dear friends, one of the links in this series is the electric condenser that you can see in this picture. There are many videos on YouTube about them that say that using them reduces the electricity bill or slows down the meter. So, in this article, we will completely show you whether we can reduce our bill by using a capacitor or not. 

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Let Check Can Capacitor Reduce Electricity Bill Truely

It is true that applying a capacitor lowers the amperes. But whether the electricity bill is low or not, you will know by reading this article, so you need to read this article carefully.

STEP 1 :

Now you can check the electricity ampere in the following picture. That is 3.23 Ampere You can easily see in the picture.

electricity multi meter

STEP 2 :

In the 2nd step, I will plug in the capacitor in the home electric board and you will see the multimeter showing that ampere decrease۔ As I say now If you think that capacitor will reduce the electricity bill then you need to see the Third Step.

STEP 3 :

But even WAPDA people did not play raw bullets. They did not make the electricity meter in such a way that it would be deceived. So let me show you another image that shows the readings of the electricity meter. It didn’t matter before or after the capacitor was applied.

electricity meter

So we learned the lesson that installing a capacitor will not reduce the electricity bill, so I have shown you a proof. So, if you want to check your electricity bills and sui gas bill then you can check by

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