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Here you can check Lesco duplicate bill online ( Wapda bill online check). If you are a Citizen of the internationally famous city of Pakistan “Lahore” or its surrounding cities then you are on the right website. Here you will find an easy method to check your Lesco bill online and lots of useful information and latest news related to Lesco.

On the lesco bill check online 2023 page (bijli bill lesco). You can find the easiest method to check your electricity bill ( lesco consumer duplicate bill online, bijli bill check krny ka trika ). Also you can get a step-by-step guide to apply for lesco new connection first bill and a complete method to log a lesco complaint. Moreover, we will guide you about lesco bill estimate service (lesco estimated bill) and lesco bill unit rates for 2023. Just Stay on this page.

Check LESCO Duplicate Bill Online

BillLESCO Bill
Bill Month July
Issue Date25 July
Due Date12 August
Reading Date24 July


LESCO stands for Lahore Electric Supply Company. LESCO supplies and manages electricity in a variety of districts including Lahore, Okara, Nankana Sheikhupure, and Kasur. LESCO started it services as early as 1998. This company has many sub divisions and circles detail is given below.

LESCO Operational Circles

Circle No.Circle NameDivisionsSub-Division
1North Lahore Circle528
2Central Lahore Circle531
3Eastern Lahore Circle423
4Okara Circle423
5South-Eastern Lahore Circle426
6Sheikhupura Circle418
7Kasur Circle530
8Nankana Circle416

Area of Operations

lesco duplicate bill

Complete Guide About LESCO Bill Online Check ( LESCO duplicate bill copy) – PITC LESCO E Bill:

Each month the Lescobill distributor delivers the bill to your doorsteps.  however, there’s a possibility that you may not get your Lesco electricity bill (bijli bill lesco consumer duplicate bill online).  You may receive the bill on the due date.

Lesco customers from rural areas face this problem. It gets difficult for them to arrange money at last moment and pay the bill instantly. So they end up paying Lesco bill with late payment charges.

Benefits of Having LESCO Duplicate Bill Ontime

Because in the current era of inflation some middle class consumers need time to arrange money for bill payment.  And also there may be a crowd of people at banks. We provide the solution of above said problems so LESCO consumers can check lesco bill  or get a lesco duplicate bill download online copy.

Few years before, if the electricity bill ( bijli bill) of consumers was lost, there was no other option to get lesco duplicate bill but now in the modern era everything is on the way of transforming them and every one is using technology for ease of everyday routine.

Now people are leaving the traditional ways of performing tasks and tend to adopt the new technology. Lahore Electricity Supply company has also introduced the services of lesco e bill and now you can easily check your lesco bill online, take duplicate lesco bill copy or save for your record. If you are having SNGPL connection you can check this from Sui Gas Duplicate Bill.

Here is a step by step guide to lesco bill check online 2023 (wapda bill online check).

Follow These Steps to LESCO Bill Check Online 2023 (wapda bill online check):

First of all you need a LESCO Reference Number or Customer ID to check LESCO bill. You can find a reference number or customer ID from your old bill. It is located on the Top left corner of your old LESCO bill. Please note that you need one of them either the reference number or customer ID not both.

lesco duplicate bill online

After you noted your reference number or customer ID you need to follow these simple steps.

  • Click The button given below “Check Lesco bill now”.
  • Enter Your reference number in the Reference Number input box or
  • Enter your Customer ID in the Customer ID input box.
  • Click on the view/download button.
  • Take print lesco bill or
  • Save as pdf or download lesco online bill

Check LESCO Bill by Reference Number

lesco duplicate bill online

Check LESCO Bill by Customer ID

lesco duplicate bill online

If you are using Internet Explorer instead of chrome or firefox then you need to perform these additional steps:

  1. Run Internet Explorer and click on the FILE menu.
  2. Click on the PAGE SETUP from the file menu.
  3. Select Paper size as “A4” or according to your page size.
  4. Remove any values written in Header and Footer.
  5. Now select page ORIENTATION as Portrait.
  6.  Write values in MARGINS as “0.25”.
  7. Hit the OK button.
  8. Again go to the FILE menu click PRINT.
  9. Choose your printer from the drop-down menu and click the PRINT button.
  10. Thats all Your bill will be in your hands. You can try these same steps for sepco online bill.

View/download Bill now

Picture Guide to Find Reference Number and Customer ID on LESCO Bill and  LESCO Bill online Check :

If you do not know your reference number or you are facing any difficulty to find the reference number or customer ID then you need not to worry. Because we will provide you the complete guide.  we will show you described pictures so you can easily find your reference number and customer ID.

Here are pictures given below highlighting the refrence number and customer ID. 

lesco duplicate bill online

LESCO Bill Payment Checking and Confirmation:

If you want to know the status of LESCO bill payment of previous month or you have paid your bill to a bank, the nearest bill accepting shop or via online (i.e via easypaisa , jazz cash , upaisa etc and any commercial bank app) and you want to know the status of your lesco bill that your bill is successfully paid or not then you can easily check your lesco bill payment status by the given methods.

Method 1: Via LESCO Official Website:

You can check your LESCO bill payment status by visiting the LESCO official website (www.lesco.gov.pk) .Visit Lesco website and go to customer bill page. Provide your lesco reference number and click on the customers menu button and then click on Account Status. Your account information and bill payment status will be displayed to you.

Write your LESCO Reference Number or customer ID (write either customer reference number or Id  not both) in the text box. If you will click on view/download bill then your bill will be displayed to your but if you will click on Customer Menu then following screen will be shown to you.

lesco duplicate bill online

Further if you Click on Consumption & Payment History link you will see your previous payment history as shown in image below.

lesco duplicate bill online

but if you will click on Account Status link in Customer Menu then your account information will shown to you as described in picture below.

lesco duplicate bill online

LESCO Policy for Bill: You Do Not Use Any Energy But You Receive a Bill?

Yes. It is possible. Even if you have not consumed a single unit in a whole month (because of any reason it may be you are out of the city or you have more than one house or offices). For residential single phase connections you have to pay Rs. 75/- per consumer per month whereas for commercial connection you have to pay Rs. 175/- per consumer per month. For agriculture connection Rs. 2000/- per consumer per month if no energy is consumed for the whole month according to LESCO policy.

Option for LESCO Bill Advance Payment

Lahore electricity supply company also provides the facility to pay your LESCO bill in advance. You have to pay a desired specific amount in advance and each month your total payable bill will be deducted from the amount you have paid and you will receive your bill in minus amount indicating your remaining credits. To avail this offer you need to visit your nearby Lesco customer bill services center.

Extension in Due Date of LESCO Bill

Lahore electric supply company provides the facility of extension on the due date of LESCO bill payment if the consumer is unable to pay their bill within the due date because of any genuine reason. Lesco has assigned the authority to extend the due date to different lesco officers upto different lesco bill amount. Here is a complete details:

Lesco sub divisional officers(SDO), Area manage operations, Regional officer and Area manager customer services have the authority to extend the due date of Lesco bill for Maximum 03 days up to the amount of bill Rs. 50,000.

LESCO XEN and Divisional Manager operations have the authority to extend the due date of Lesco bill for Maximum 03 days up to the amount of bill Rs.200,000. Whereas SE/Manager operations possess authority to extend the due date for Maximum 05 days for bills up to Rs. 500,000.

Director Commercial can extend the due date for Maximum 05 days for bills up to Rs. 1000,000. Further LESCO CSD can extend the due date for a maximum 08 days for bills up to Rs. 20 Million and finally the CEO has the power to extend the due date maximum 10 days for all amounts.

LESCO Bill Instalment Facility

Lahore electric supply company provides the facility of converting their Lesco bill into equal instruments of their desired amount because the Lesco company is serious with their business and is trying his best to provide value and all possible facilities to its valued customers.

To avail this facility you have to visit a Lesco representative or officer up to the rank of SDO and submit an application for converting the Lesco bill into instalments. Lesco sub divisional officers(SDO), Area manage operations, Regional officer and Area manager customer services have the authority to convert bills to 03 monthly installments for bills up to Rs. 50,000/-.

LESCO XEN and Divisional Manager operations have the authority to convert bills to 03 monthly installments for bills up to Rs. 200,000/-. Similarly SE/Manager operations is authorized to convert bills into 04 monthly installments for amounts up to Rs. 500,000.

For bill amounts exceeding the amount of Rs. 500,000/- you can visit the office of Director Commercial which is authorized to convert lesco bills into 05 monthly installments for amounts up to Rs. 1000,000. Whereas LESCO CSD has the authority to convert bills up to Rs.20 Million into 12 instalments.

The CEO  of lesco has the power to convert any amount of bill into any number of installments so if someone can approach CEO office with the application of genuine raason and CEO approve his request he would be able to convert any amount into his desired number of instalments.

Understand your LESCO Bill

If you see a Lesco bill you will find your name and address on the top left corner below this your reference number and customer Id written.There is also a meter reading of the current month displayed and the bill is calculated according to the unit consumed in a specific month.

There are also different terms like current bill, arrearages, deferred, disconnection notice, E-duty, FC surcharge, GST, Tv fees displayed on bill.To get detailed information regarding read the detailed post regarding Understanding wapda electricity bill.

LESCO Net Metering:

Net metering is a service introduced in 2015 by NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) to overcome the energy crisis in pakistan. Net Metering simply means that if someone produced energy at domestic level via solar energy or wind energy then he could sell this energy to National Grid.

Lesco provides the facility of Lesco net metering to its consumers. Suppose you are using a three-phase Lesco connection installed on your premises ( house, shop, factory, any commercial unit etc. Along with Lesco connection you have also installed the solar system.

If your energy production through solar system is more than your need then you can sell your excessive amount of energy to LESCO though Lesco Net Metering Service.

How to Apply For LESCO Net Metering

If you want to use the Lesco net metering service and sell the energy to the national grid then you need to fulfill the requirements for Distributed Generator as defined under the Regulations. After fulfilling the requirements you are eligible for submitting the filled application along with required documents to the LESCO Marketing Cell. 

Application form can be downloaded from NEPRA’s website www.nepra.org.pk or from LESCO official website www.lesco.gov.pk. Approvals on the Lesco net metering using solar system for general consumers will be processed on a first come first served basis. LESCO will process your application and approve or reject your application after monitoring electricity distribution setup.

Here is an overview of the process to acquire lesco net metering facility:

  1. You will submit filled application along with necessary documents.
  2. LESCO concerned focal person for net metering will process your application. 
  3. Initial Review by Technical Inspection Team
  4. DISCO Authorities will check the technical feasibility of your connection. 
  5. If your application will be approved an agreement will be signed between your and lesco company.
  6. NEPRA will issue Electricity Generation License to you for electricity  distribution.
  7. Company will estimate connection charges and you have to pay these connection charges for lesco net metering.
  8. Installation of setup for feeding energy to the national grid.

LESCO SMS Alerts Service:

Lahore electricity supply company provides the facility of lesco sms alerts to its consumers for free.The customer who has subscribed to lesco sms alerts service would be able to get the folowing information via sms .

  • Lesco load shedding schedule
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Meter reading and reading date
  • Bill amount and due date
  • Payment confirmation

How to Get Register For LESCO SMS Alerts Service

To avail lesco sms alerts service you need to fill an online form available at lesco official website. You can also go to the lesco sms alerts registration page by clicking on the link given below. In online form you have to put the following information for successful registration in lesco sms alerts facility.

  • Your name
  • Customer Id
  • Your email address
  • Your mobile number

Optionally you can also leave any message for lesco (i,e any problem or feed back).

LESCO Complaint l How to Register LESCO Complaint Online l LESCO Complaint Number

Here is a complete guide how to log a lesco compliant online or by calling on the lesco helpline.

LESCO Complaint Number

If you have any complaint regarding lesco you can simply call at 118 with your phone or Call 0800-00118 with your ptcl number, follow the instructions and your complaint will be registered. You can also track the status of your application providing your reference number or tracking id to lesco customer care representative.

LESCO Online Complaint

If we look few years back, we can see that if a lesco customer have any complaint regarding lesco then he must have to visit lesco customer bill services center or he have to write application stating the complaint and sent it to lesco complaint cell via post and it may take days to reach the compliant to concerned offices. There was a conservative, long and slow process of resolving complaints.

But now in a modern age of telecommunication, lesco also replaces their old complaint management system with a modern, fast, systematics, transparent online complaint management system. Now you do not need to visit the Lesco customer bill service center repetitively . You can register or track your complaint at home by using your mobile or computer.

Customers can register their complaint in a few minutes and the complaint is resolved in as soon as possible because lesco online complaint system is modern AI powered ticked based, auto-acknowledged and auto assigned based which display your issue to relevant focal person in few minutes and your complaint is resolved in a very fast manner.

.you can register your complaint regarding power failure in your area, lesco tariff, lesco billing, meter issue, lesco new connection first bill or any other issue related to lesco services then you can either log a lesco complaint online or you have the option to register your complaint via lesco complaint number (lesco helpline number).

Write to LESCO

You can also sent written application stating your issue via any couriers services to the following address|:
Block No. 01, Canal Offices, Mustafaabad, Lahore

What if LESCO Has Not Solved Your Compliant

If you have log any complaint regarding hesco (either via helpline number or online complaint management system ) and your complaint is not resolved or you are not satisfied with the solution provided by lesco then you may file a complaint to NEPRA on NEPRA Online Complaint Management System or you can send a written application to NEPRA Regional office or NEPRA headquarter on the following address .

NEPRA Regional office, Lahore,
212 National Tower, opposite LDA plaza,
edgerton road, lahore
Complaint Affairs Department,
National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA),
Attaturk Avenue (East) Sector G-5/1, Islamabad.

LESCO Customer Service Centers

Address :LESCO HeadQuarter 22-A Queens Road Lahore
Phone No.+92-042-99205248

Address : Customer Service Center Ichra, Shah Jamal Signal Ferozpur Road
Phone No. +92-042-3429118

Address: Near SaidPur Grid Multan Road Lahore
Phone No. +92-042-99260166

Address: Regional Customer Services Center Northern Circle Ravi Road Lahore
Phone No. +92-042-99205076

Address: Regional Customer Service Center Southern Circle, Ghazi Road Defence Lahore
Phone No.+92-042-99264305

Address: Regional Customer Service Center Eastern Circle, WAPDA Road Shalamar Town Lahore
Phone No.+92-042-99250044

Address: Township Grid at Chandni Chowk Lahore
Phone No. +92-042-99262201

Address: Regional Customer Services Center Okara, Benazir Road, 132 KV Grid Okara
Phone No.+92-044-2527440-1

Address: Regional Customer Service Center Sheikhupura, LESCO Complex Near Regal Chowk, Sargodha Road Sheikhupura
Phone No.+92-056-9200204-05

Address: Regional Customer Service Center, Wapda Colony, Kham Karan Road Kasur
Phone No. +92-049-9239166


If you want to check the latest rates of Lesco company then you need to read this post to get detailed information of electricity unit rates.

LESCO Bill Estimate:

If you want to check your estimated lesco bill of the upcoming month then you can check the bill with the Lesco bill calculator (Lesco bill estimated) by clicking the link below. After clicking the link, write your Lesco bill units consumed in a month. Estimated bill may differ from actual bill.

LESCO New Connection First Bill Procedure

If you want to apply for lesco new connection for General Supply Residential,General Supply Commercial,Industrial Supply and AGRICULTURE then you can apply by clicking the link below.

apply for lesco new connection now

LESCO Bill Payment (Where to Pay Lesco Bill):

You can pay LESCO bill in several different ways:

  • All Commercial Banks
  • Post Office
  • EasyPaisa
  • JazzCash
  • UPaisa

LESCO Organizational Structure

lesco duplicate bill